ProLarix - Botanical plant protection agent from Larix by-products

GAB Consulting GmbH (GAB), Lamstedt, Germany

GAB Consulting is a leading service provider in the registration of plant protection products, biocides, chemicals, feed additives and veterinary medicines within the EU and in other regions world-wide. Since the start of the company’s activities in 1998, registration of plant extracts and microorganisms as active ingredients in plant protection products and registration of such products is a central part of the work.
GAB Consulting was one of the partners in the EU Policy support Action REBECA (Regulation of Biocontrol Agents) and was responsible for WP2, a comparison of data requirements and regulatory procedures for Biocontrol Agents in the EU and in other regulatory systems (USA, Canada, Australia) in 2006/07. Currently, GAB Consulting is engaged in the preparation of a Guidance Document for the evaluation of plant extracts as active substances for plant protection products in the EU.
To date, GAB has submitted dossiers for 5 plant extracts for approval as active substances in the EU for the use as plant protection products or biocides. Dossiers for national registrations were submitted for products containing these extracts representing the major part of plant extracts currently used in plant protection products and biocides inside the EU.

GAB has all literature and access rights to relevant data bases. GAB has all necessary highly specialized software designed for the preparation of information packages and registration dossiers.

Role in the project

GAB will evaluate the regulatory requirements for use of Larix extracts as fungicidal plant protection product and develop an information package. GAB is also responsible for the development of the roadmap to commercialization of Larix extract.

Staff members involved

  • Dr. Rüdiger Hauschild
  • Prof Dr. Wolfgang Pfau