ProLarix - Botanical plant protection agent from Larix by-products

The University of Surrey (SURR), Guildford, United Kingdom

The University of Surrey is a member of the 1994 Group of research intensive UK universities and is experienced in both leading and participating in EC funded research. In terms or research income it ranks in the top twenty of all UK universities, with EU support making up a considerable contribution to the total awarded. Much of its research reputation has been established through the identification and support of cross-disciplinary research in key strategic themes, guided by the changing priorities of business and policy and building on existing, strong capability and notable interdisciplinary collaboration. SURR has state-of-the-art facilities for chemistry analysis. R&D experience and facilities were developed as part of the

  • Finish government funded RTD-projects, and
  • a range of EC projects.

Role in the project

SURR will contribute to Tasks in WP2, and WP4. Professor Mulholland’s team will be undertaking isolation of materials on a large scale for field trials, they will be investigating whether plants from different areas produce the same profile and concentration of compounds and optimising extraction and purification procedures.

Staff members involved

  • Professor Dulcie Mulholland
  • Dr. Moses Langat